The Tamil Future

Davos was a small ski resort town in the Alps mountain until 1971 when Swiss German Economist Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum - WEF. Today Davos symbolises the idea and power to change the state of the world by bringing together every year the largest number of global decision makers from business, governments, civil society, media and academia. WEF in Davos today is like a deep forest of insights from the best and powerful minds of the world sparking fruitful discussions that ultimately drive impact, functioning as a platform with a power to make change.

During June 7 - 9 of 2024 - The Rise and Tamil Women International jointly bring together 300 Top Circle Tamils from business, industry, governments, banking, finance, academia and civil society to Davos the very same hall where World Economic Forum meets every year. To deliberate on 21st century outcomes for Tamils as a transnational cultural community, to facilitate collaboration between top guns, as well as between those top guns and aspirational startups; to devise resilient institutional mechanisms to guide and hand hold Tamils to become a successful and respectable people in the 21st century. To this yourself. end we have named the Davos Summit as: "The Tamil Future". The Summit will also have a strong thrust to build stronger networks and leadership of women, youth and professionals to pivot the Tamil community towards equitable economic advancement, environmental stewardship and building peace.

The Davos Summit is a curated event with very high level participation from the Government of Switzerland, from the Swiss Business and Industry. Those who wish to participate in this power packed historic conclave please write to us with a brief note about yourself.


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