Empowering Tamil Entrepreneurship

Empower Tamils from job seeking community to a job generating community through a culture of collaboration, and by providing critical enablers like, knowledge, competencies, and funding.

Why Rise?

“The Rise is a global organisation of Tamil entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts who work in partnership with all people of the world towards equitable economy, innovative and collaborative entrepreneurship, environmental stewardship, shared prosperity, and peace on earth.” Goal: An economic identity for Global Tamils through pre-eminence positions in finance, business, innovation, technology and value addition Purpose: An ARAM based economic revolution / transformation for the wellbeing of every being.

Become a member

Become a member of The RISE USA chapter to avail the huge wealth of business connections, mentors, and even potential investors.

By joining the community you benefit from fellow business people, help young entrepreneurs or both. Knowing you and your aspirations help us to serve you better. Start providing jobs!

Why attend Rise North America Summit 2020?

Networking opportunity with global professionals, entrepreneurs, scholars, and accomplished business owners. Empowerment of Tamil community through Networking & Knowledge Sharing.

A common platform – Across religion, caste, political and social boundaries bound by Tamil Aram. Discuss business opportunities beyond traditional conferences focusing on Technology alone such as Import/Export, E-Commerce, Supply chain, Manufacturing and more.

Focus groups and task forces to nurture conversations into actions and beyond.

Channels to collaborate with existing organizations in the respective land scape towards leveraging strengths – The Rise is Uniting Tamils Across the World by adopting inclusivity - Common Man to The Elites. Identifying and recognizing those who contributes to Tamil and Tamils.

Focus is to empower Tamil community thriving to accomplish their dreams and goals in making wealth, while practicing Aram values (making money in an ethical manner).

Co-creating and implementing Social Impact programs and projects.

Caring and sharing by helping those in need - emotional & financially Recognize emerging entrepreneurs, professionals, and scholars through empowerment

What the Summit 2020 is all about?

The RISE along with their USA and Canadian chapters bringing a unique and rare opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs, established business owners and industry stalwarts, to help building your business. Attending the virtual event is free. You will learn more about starting businesses from other successful people, get your questions clarified, find potential business partners, know business opportunities across the globe, and more.

Most importantly you go home knowing that there is a huge, qualified, and dedicated team to help in your endeavors!

Benefits of attending the Summit 2020

  • Attending the virtual event is free
  • Learn about starting businesses
  • Learn the legalities running business in USA
  • Opportunity to interact with 300+ entrepreneurs, import / exporters, manufacturers, recruiters and investors
  • Showcase your business & services*
  • Find business partners across the globe
  • Create B2B opportunities for your business
  • Find potential investors for your business

Rise North America 2020 Summit – Committees

Committee Chair Co-Chair
1. Event Coordination Kumar Rangasamy (San Francisco, California) Vetriselvan TA (Dallas, Texas)
2. Presentation and Speaker coordination Bala Swaminathan (New York) Bren Sambunathan (Ontario, Canada)
3. Technical support Edgar Rosario (New York) Vengata Krishnan (Boston, Massachusetts)
4. Accounting and Budget Ranganathan Pursushothaman (New York) Dilshan Navaratnarajah (Ontario, Canada)
5. Fund Raising Joseph Cross Raja (Austin, Texas) Antony Johan (Washington, DC)
6. Legal Prabhu Rangaraju (New York) Bala Swaminathan (New York)
7. Marketing Bren Sambunathan (Ontario, Canada) Mahendiran Periyasamy (Washington, DC)
8. Public Relations and Communication Asir Justifus (Atlanta, Georgia) Prabhu Rangaraju (New York)
9. Website and Member Registration Guna Govind (San Diego, California) Ravindran George (Tampa, Florida)
10. Steering / Project coordination Vijaisenthil (Orlando, Florida) Wordsworth Ayyadural (Washington, DC)
11. Project Management Office (PMO) Anita Selwyn (Washington, DC)

The Rise Networking Session Schedule

Date Topic Speaker
23 Oct 2020,Friday Networking session inaguration Fr.Jegath Gasper
23 Oct 2020,Friday Organization structure of The Rise and how to network with co-members within The Rise Mr. Kailash KioTek
23 Oct 2020, Friday Healthcare and sanitary Mr.Gopinath Ramamurthy
23 Oct 2020, Friday Business support services Mr. MOHAMED IMRAN HAMEEDULLAH
Mr.Gopinath Ramamurthy
24 Oct 2020, Saturday Engineering, Technology and IT Mr. MOHAMED IMRAN HAMEEDULLAH
Mr.Gopinath Ramamurthy
31 Oct 2020, Saturday Real estate, investment and finance
31 Oct 2020, Saturday Manufacturing
7 Nov 2020, Saturday Food and agriculture
7 Nov 2020, Saturday Textiles and garments
14 Nov 2020, Saturday Ethnic products Mr.Mahendiran Periyasmay
14 Nov 2020, Saturday General merchandise


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