About us

About us

The Rise is a global organisation of Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals operating in more than 20 countries. While offering itself as an effective platform for business networking, The Rise also pursues a mission to raise the global profile of Tamils as a cultural community, in the 21st century. The Rise holds Aram-a Tamil word for uprightness, nobility, fairness and empathy- as the cornerstone of its purpose and functioning.

What makes The Rise different from other similar organisations is its larger purpose, to emphatically represent 21st Century Tamil aspirations. It stakes a claim to resonate with the cultural, historical soul of Tamils. It posits Thamizh Aram as the strength that unites and harmonizes our conduct with each other. It’s a network of Friendship, Respect, and Solidarity.

“…..to change the way Tamils look at the world, and to change the way the world would look at Tamils…..”
Tan Sri Dr. Palan

The 1st The Rise Global Summit For Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals

In December 2018, when the world was preparing to wrap up yet another year, under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Jegath Gasper Raj, a new chapter began in the history of the global Tamil-speaking community with the inauguration of The Rise, a global summit of Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals, in Madurai, India. The three-day summit, which brought together 500 Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from 17 countries, was an unprecedented event of such magnitude to focus on the economic empowerment and the overall development of the Tamil-speaking community.

The Rise Global Summit for Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals, Madurai, India, held from 28 to 30th December was one of the very first initiatives to bring together some of the inspiring Tamil entrepreneurial icons, strategic thinkers and public intellectuals from around the world to meet and join some of the dots for a beginning to what we would like to call as The Tamil re-emergence era. The conference was a success with large participation from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Gulf-Middle East, UK-Europe, West Africa, Canada and USA.

Guided by the theme “To shift the culture of seeking jobs to creating jobs,” The Rise Madurai opened up opportunities for collaboration and networking among Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals and paved the path for future initiatives targeted at the advancement of the Tamils.

Founder of The Rise Global : Father Jegath Gasper Raj

Founded Tamil Maiyam, a non-charitable or not for profit org and through Tamil Maiyam we produced Thiruvasagam in Symphonic oratorio by maestro Ilayaraja.

Co-founded Chennai Sangamam, a collaborative venture with the government of Tamil Nadu, a non-religious and deeply culture-rooted open festival. Chennai Sangamam became the biggest folk-art festival in India and brought together around 2,,000 artists, 4500 performances in all 7 days that happens every year during the Thai Pongal week

Introduced the Chennai Marathon and founded the Give Life charity, that has so far supported 46,000 underprivileged kids