30 reasons why shouldn’t miss The Rise Muscat Summit, scheduled for November 24-26, 2023.

1. Oman is a peaceful country; crime rates are low; Omani people are friendly and helpful; even in geopolitics Oman is known today as the ‘peace maker in the Gulf region.’

2. Oman is the, commercial gateway to Europe and Africa with robust shipping hubs, tax free zones, excellent warehousing infra and logistics. Ideal gateway country for SME manufacturers and exporters.

3. Personal income tax is 0% in Oman. Wouldn’t you want to do business & earn in a country where there is no personal income tax at all?

4. Tax regime in Oman is simple and straight forward. Maximum VAT (GST) is 5%. Maximum Corporate Profit Tax is 15%. No Re-export & import taxes.

5. Incorporation of a company in Oman takes just one day. And open a Bank Account within the next three days. You don’t need a local partner at all, you can own the company 100%. If you need assistance The Rise Oman will guide and help you to set up companies in Oman.

6. Repatriation of profits / funds to your home country or country of your choice too is simple, and 100% repatriation in allowed.

7. You will meet high level representatives from the Government of Oman in the Rise Muscat Summit. The following Departments are officially participating in the Summit and you can meet high level officers: Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Energy & Minerals, Ministry of Transport, Communications & Information Technology, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Higher Education, Oman Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones, Oman Investment Authorities, Muscat Chamber of Commerce and Oman Investment Authority. Oman Officers are one of the most people friendly in the world.

8.Oman is blessed with minerals, both metallic and non-metallic. Most ideal country for importers of minerals. The Country has in plenty the following minerals: Chromite, Limestone, Gypsum, Dolomite, Copper, Gold, Silica, Sands and Quartzite Manganese, Iron, Marble, Sandstone, Cobalt clays and shale, Kaoline, Salt, and Aggregates. Most importantly Oman has the core minerals needed for companies that are in to manufacturing products for Renewable Energy Sector.

9.Oman is looking for technologies and products that help to achieve Net Zero targets by 2050. The Summit provides an avenue to those having such products and technologies to establish contacts. Sustainability is indeed the buzzword in all corners of the world, equally in Oman.

10. Oman is rapidly modernising. IT entrepreneurs and professionals with products, expertise on the IOT, AI domains will have good openings.

11. Oman has a vast coastline fabulously blessed with marine resources. Those engaged or with a vision for fishing and fish products related business- you have fantastic opportunities in Oman and The Rise Oman will assist you in this domain.

12. Food Security is a key policy priority for the Government of Oman. Exporters of food products will have opportunities, but if you are having smart technologies to improve localised food production or if you are investing in local food production you will receive a red-carpet welcome.

13. The Oman Government is offering attractive incentives to promote inbound tourism. Great scope for tour operators, particularly those with equipments and infra for film and entertainment productions.

14. Higher Education and Healthcare are two greenfield sectors which will see strategic openings and growth and this is the right time to be there in Oman.

15. As the country is modernising and positioning itself for the great geopolitical and supply chain shifts taking place in the world huge investments are happening in infrastructure development, warehousing etc. Excellent time for those in the construction and allied services sector.

16. Because Oman is aspiring to become part of the global supply chains beyond Oil & Gas there is so much Government support for the manufacturing sector. Tamils who own manufacturing units under the MSME category will have very good openings and opportunities. The Muscat Summit will give you more understanding on these opportunities and provide practical, concrete guidance and support as well. Importantly if you set up a small unit here you can carry “Made in Oman” imprint which will give you enormous market advantages.

17. Pharma is yet another sector waiting for a boom. Even if you consider setting up small units for generic medicines you can have “Made in Oman” imprint which would provide enormous market scope. This applies to manufacturing and all other sectors as well.

18. You will meet around 150 highly successful Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from the Gulf region countries, and another 100 from USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and India making the scope for B2B opportunities very significant during the Summit.

19. You will meet delegates from more than 30 countries; meeting Tamil entrepreneurs and professionals from all corners of the world itself is an uplifting, joyful experience. By attending just one Summit you would have made friends in minimum 25 countries.

20. You will meet investors, consultants, Auditors, Finance Experts who can guide you in your fund-raising needs.

21. The Muscat Summit is not designed as a Talk show or VIP parade. 60% of time slots are for Business Networking, 20% for high level knowledge sharing and 20% for fun and friendship.

22. The Rise Oman will facilitate industrial visits, visit to Free Zones, meetings with Government authorities to those who seek and are interested.

23. The Muscat Summit is also planned as a preparatory Summit for June 2024 Davos Summit and December 2024 Dubai Summit. To those who plan to attend the Davos and Dubai Summits Muscat will give you solid entry, sustained mentoring and practical advantages.

24. Like our previous Summits promotions of Exports & Imports will have special attention providing exporters and importers opportunities to leverage.

25. You will have the rare opportunity to learn “Strategic Planning for the growth of your Business”. So also Brand Building, Franchisee etc.

26. You will have that exceptional opportunity to listen to and learn from extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs and professionals.

27. HR is one important sector. Given the overall growth and boom in the Gulf region you will meet high level Tamil Executives who can guide and help you in penetrating the Gulf region HR market.

28. Oil & Gas would continue to remain the mainstay of Gulf region economies and to those who looking to explore possibilities in this important and strategic sector you will have many veterans attending the Summit who would give you insights, and leaves.

29. Dates is yet another core component of Gulf economies, particularly Oman economy.

30. Above all you will feel privileged to be part of a group and initiative that is truly and sincerely committed to the common collective welfare and future destiny of Tamils. This can potentially give you deep meaning and satisfaction. So let’s come together in a spirit of Tamil friendship and purpose. Register today by logging on to www.tamilrise.org or call +91 9150060032. Organising Committee The Rise 12th Summit of Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

Top Circle Registration


Visa invitation letter to Muscat.
Entry to all the events and programs of the summit.
Invitation to all the global Roadshows and promo B2B events.
Vantage seating during the summit.
Facility and privilege to use special board rooms and suites for business discussions and one-to-one meetings during the summit.
Special networking dinner exclusively for Top Circle delegates.
Directory of all the Delegates.
Three lunches, two dinners, and a free flow of coffee and snacks during the summit.
Summit T-Shirts.
Online introductions, matchmaking, and online networking prior to the summit.
Conference Kit with materials and select merchandise.
A one-minute promo video of your business will be posted on all our The Rise social media handles.
 Summit Registration


Visa invitation letter to Muscat.
Entry to Muscat Summit.
Invitation to Pre–event Road shows cum Business networking events in various parts of the world.
Directory of all the Delegates.
Three lunches, two dinners, and a free flow of coffee and snacks during the summit.
Online introductions, matchmaking, and online networking prior to the summit.
Conference Kit with materials and select merchandise.
A one-minute promo video of your business will be posted on all our The Rise social media handles