New Horizons

The maritime trade links between Tamil Nadu and the Gulf Middle East regions were rich and robust in the ancient times. Spices, pearls and ivories from the Tamil regions were high prime commodities of that era. However the last three centuries witnessed a decline in this rich legacy of trade and commerce due to various historical reasons. Even the revival of Tamil - Arab engagements in the last fifty years have largely been cantered around blue collar labour and mid level professions. However there are winds of change and fortune of possibilities for the future.

As the Gulf region economies are moving towards a post-oil future and have begun preparing themselves in earnest Tamils of the region, more than 1.5 million in number are well equipped for partnering to assist the region to build resilience, particularly to shape knowledge based economies. Food security, net - zero targets, HR, Education, and Advanced healthcare are areas offering excellent possibilities.

The Rise 13th Global Summit of Tamil Entrepreneurs and Professionals scheduled to take place in Dubai during January 25, 26, 27 of 2024 will be a phenomenal opportunity for business and enterprises involved in food products, halal food, HR, Health care, Ayush medicines, green technologies, engineering products and services, IT, tourism, hospitality and entertainment. Register yourself now.

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